Total Tech Support By Best Buy

What Is Total Tech Support By Best Buy?

Total Tech Support is subscription-based services by which users can get an unmatched, instant and reliable tech support services from certified technicians for many of the technical devices they need to urge this convenient hands-on services users got to pay annual charges of around $200. aside from delivering the support services users also can get assistance from experts associated with most of the in-store and doorsteps services. Total Tech Support By Best Buy allows you to urge the reliable assistance related to the desktops, printers appliances and other connected devices also .

We have numerous gadgets and electronic appliances at our residential or commercial places. These devices help us in getting desired results easily but once they get any technical issues they affect our peace of mind also . In these sort of cases getting subscribed to Total Tech Support By Best Buy may be a reliable option because the experts offering tech support services are dedicated to offering you the moment support for covered devices even within the odd timings. So, with the assistance of Total Tech Support plans you’ll easily get answers for all of your technical issues associated with your device.

What quite Products Are Covered within the Total Tech Support By Best Buy?

If you already subscribed or in future wanted to subscribe for the entire Tech Support By Best Buy and wanted to understand about the covered gadgets then don’t worry as this plan includes an outsized number of technical devices. aside from that, you’re getting to save a further amount when it involves tech, support, troubleshooting and repairing of those devices. For your reference, we’ve listed a number of the essential devices and electronic appliances covered within the Total Tech Support By Best Buy plans:

Appliances – If you already choose Total Tech Support By Best Buy plan for your appliances and don’t know which sort of appliances are covered within the plan then don’t get tensed as most of the appliances including – dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, gas dryer, gas range, air conditioning disposal washer and lots of more devices are installed, repaired, troubleshoot and found out with none hassles.

Smartphones – one among the foremost essential things we use on day to day is smartphones once they get any issues with the screens, speakers or data loss we get tensed. If you wanted to settle on Total Tech Support By Best Buy then don’t worry as data transfer, recovery, and display shield is roofed under the programme. regardless of that brand and operating systems you subscribed, exerts present at the entire tech support helpdesk confirm that you simply get the reliable solutions instantly.

Computer Devices & Peripherals – Computer and its supported devices are major devices that are covered within the Total Tech Support By Best Buy plan. Users can get reliable instant services from experts associated with data backup and transfer services, setup and tune-up services, data recovery, troubleshooting of varied supported device sort of a printer, home theater aside from these services users and expect some software related services like – email setup, drivers installations, operating systems installations and Pc virus removal services. you would like to succeed in bent the experts and allow them to realize the precise issues you’re facing.

Smart Home Devices – If you wanted to urge reliable service from experts associated with Wi-Fi setup, Wi-Fi camera installations, home security devices installations and every one other required devices then getting your hands on the entire Tech Support By Best Buy plan assist you in saving desirable amount for many of the setup and installation services.

Advantages of a complete Tech Support membership

Many well-known tasks encompass its membership
You’ll get many car services and computer repair services for no extra cost.

20% off on advanced repair services
Our technicians will handle the complex issue, that include major appliance wiring and repairs of security cameras.

  • Unlimited Tech Support 

The key feature of Total Tech Support provide you unlimited assistance for all of your appliances and tech, regardless of where you would possibly gave purchased them. Get assistance over the phone, future and 24×7 online. We’re here to answer your queries and assist you employ your instruments properly. this is often all done by Total Tech Support By Best Buy.

  • Only $49.99 for in-home services

We’ll reach the doorstep and supply hand with Home Wi-Fi Setup, TV Mounting, and far more.

  • 20% off AppleCare Products and Geek Squad Protection

Get the simplest peace of mind at a minimum cost. Can save massively on product Protection Plans.

  • Internet security application is included

Help protect your system against spyware, viruses and ransomware. the appliance is great for up to 10 appliances with Total Tech Support By Best Buy.

  • Many Services Are Included With Total Tech Support membership

When you subscribe Total Tech Support, you get all kinds of great benefits during which Internet security application is additionally included.

The Below-mentioned services are included with 24/7 online support or phone on Total Tech Support By Best Buy
  • Computer Support
  • Basic Data Transfer &
  • Data Backup
  • Home Network Setup &
  • Troubleshooting
  • Diagnostic and Troubleshooting
  • Software Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Operating System Install
  • Software Install
  • PC Virus Removal
  • Restore Media Creation
  • Email Setup
  • Computer Tune-up
  • Password Reset
  • Tablets & Devices With Total Tech Support By Best Buy
  • Printer Troubleshooting
  • Tablet Setup
  • Printer Setup
In-Store Support With Total Tech Support By Best Buy

These services are often availed once you visit our technicians in Best Buy stores:

  • Computer Support
  • Basic Data Transfer &
  • Data Backup
  • Software Troubleshooting
  • Email Setup
  • Password Reset
  • Restore Media Creation
  • Diagnostic and Troubleshooting
  • Recover deleted files with Level 1 Data Recovery
  • PC Virus Removal
  • Operating System Install
  • Memory Install
  • Computer Tune-up
  • Software Install
  • Tablets & Devices With Total Tech Support By Best Buy
  • Printer Setup
  • Tablet Setup
  • Printer Troubleshooting
  • Car Electronics
  • Satellite Radio Install
  • Car Speaker Install
  • System or Keyless Entry Install
  • Car Amp Install
  • Car Radio Install
  • Car GPS Install/Setup
  • Remote Start, Security
In-Home Services With Total Tech Support By Best Buy

In this, we Visit your home for $49.99 per service.


  • Appliances Total Tech Support By Best Buy
  • Dishwasher Install
  • Refrigerator Install with New Waterline Connection
  • Over-the-Range Microwave Install
  • Standalone Haul-Away
  • Gas Dryer Install
  • Gas Range Install
  • Garbage Disposal Install
  • AC Install (window or room unit)
  • Home Theater
  • Programming
  • TV Calibration
  • Smart Hub Setup
  • Oculus VR Setup
  • Cord Cutting with antenna and streaming device
  • TV Connect & Mounting
  • PlayStation VR Setup
  • Harmony remote
  • Furniture Assembly
  • Network Audio Hub Setup
  • Basic Audio or Soundbar Setup
  • Computer Support With Total Tech Support By Best Buy
  • Diagnostic and Troubleshooting
  • Home Network Setup & Troubleshooting
  • Operating System Install
  • Restore Media Creation
  • Software Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Basic Data Transfer & Data Backup
  • PC Virus Removal
  • Software Install
  • Email Setup
  • Computer Tune-up
  • Password Reset
  • Connected Home Total Tech Support By Best Buy
  • Remote Start, Security
  • Voice Control Setup
  • Smart Doorbell Install
  • Smart Thermostat Install
  • Smart Lighting Setup
  • Smart Door Lock Install
  • Wi-Fi Camera Install – up to 2 cameras
  • Home Wi-FI
  • Setup/Troubleshooting
  • Smart Garage Door Control

20% Off On Geek Squad and AppleCare Protection Plans With Total Tech Support By Best Buy

By combining Total Tech Support and Protection Plans, you get complete tech resolution.

  • Offer alternative additional safety for spills, drops and cracks.
  • Provide extra coverage above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Cover replacement and repairs of your items due to wear and tear or defects up to five years.
Total Tech Support By Best Buy — FAQs
Is Total Tech Support same as Protection Plan?

Total Tech Support isn’t an equivalent as a Protection Plan or an extended warranty plan like AppleCare and Geek Squad Protection Products. While it provides a markdown on mending and lots of of the Protection Plans, a complete Tech Support subscription by itself won’t include repairs for your devices just in case they fail or break.

Does Total Tech Support membership cover quite one address?

The Total Tech Support subscription for $199.99 includes just one service address. However, you’ll buy a complete Tech Support 2nd Residence Membership for $349.99 to encompass 2 service addresses. Within the entire Tech Support By Best Buy, the 2nd Residence Membership can only be bought future .

Is my Total Tech Support membership transferrable to someone else?

Yes, it’s possible to try to to so. In fact, once you got to transfer your Tech Support membership, you’ve got to call our greatest Buy toll-free number meant for the aim this may help us update our records. Any service receipts also because the original purchase receipts and wish to be transferred to the new owner of the plan. Post transfer, the new owner will need to create a My Best Buy account just in case they need not created so far .

Can a complete Tech Support Subscription be returned?

As a matter of fact, Total Tech Support membership can’t be returned. However, it are often canceled. you’ll cancel your subscription by calling our greatest Buy toll-free number otherwise you can remain out of auto-renewal service by handling your subscriptions on your profile. You won’t be ready to cancel your membership at a Best Buy store as a rule for Total Tech Support By Best Buy.

For a yearly subscription, if you speak to our agents within 30 days of shopping for the plan, you’ll get a refund for the complete value of your subscription plan, minus any membership discounts you’ll have gotten . If you are feeling like canceling after 30 days, you’ll get a prorated refund, deducted by any membership benefits or discounts you’ll have gotten .

What is the mechanism of auto-renewal process with Total Tech Support?

Any included benefits, like internet security, or Total Tech Support renew by itself per annum and your selected card are going to be recharged at the prevailing price on your yearly renewal date. Here, we’ll send you an advance intimation of renewal of subscription to your email address that has notice of any price changes. this is often the auro-renewal by Total Tech Support By Best Buy.

Why may be a mastercard needed to activate Total Tech Support subscription?

Total Tech Support may be a self-renewing membership, and a mastercard is required in order that your benefits aren’t interrupted. you’ll get obviate this auto-renewal of the membership of Total Tech Support By Best patronize any chosen time. With this there’s no charge on your mastercard without prior reminder through email.

Why isn’t my membership visible on my Best Buy account?

This happens once you found out multiple Best Buy accounts. to urge obviate this example you would like to possess your Total Tech Support anesthetize the under the right account or call Best Buy toll-free for help.

Can any of my acquaintances use my membership?

Yes, your Total Tech Support subscription includes any device for a person living at your home under the service address. this is often one among the facilities of the entire Tech Support By Best Buy.

During an in-home visit, does $49.99 cover quite one services?

No, you would like to pay $49.99 for each standard in-home visit that’s a neighborhood of your subscription, albeit quite one services are done during that one visit. Charges for any required accessories or parts like brackets, mounts or permits are going to be taken aside from the $49.99 for every in-home service. Additionally, a visit cost could also be charged for outdoor travel of any metro locations. this is often the thanks to accompany Total Tech Support By Best Buy.